Not Sure If You've Broken a Bone? We Offer Walk-In X-Ray Services

Not Sure If You've Broken a Bone? We Offer Walk-In X-Ray Services

Injuring yourself can happen in a blink of an eye. Injury is unexpected, from skipping a step down the stairs to getting a ball thrown at your nose to accidentally cutting your finger while chopping onions. 

Some injuries are more severe than others. Bone breaks are one of those bigger injuries that need medical attention to heal correctly. But how can you tell if you need to seek immediate attention?

Our expert doctors at Rapid City Healthcare in Irving, Texas, are here to help you determine if you have a broken bone. Our walk-in X-ray services can help us discover a broken bone quicker, meaning we can help you heal faster, ensuring you get the best care possible on all fronts. And we’re happy to answer any questions you may have along the way. 

Signs you have broken a bone

If you suspect you have a broken bone, here are some signs to look for:

Your bone is visibly out of place

If you've taken a bad fall or twisted a ligament and see a bone sticking out in a way that it doesn’t normally, that's a clear indicator that something is wrong. Furthermore, if you see a limb or joint misshapen, your bone could have shifted. 

There is bruising, swelling, and/or bleeding

While bruising, bleeding, and swelling may not always signal a broken bone, it's definitely a factor. Even if you're unsure, it's best to get an X-ray to confirm.

Intense pain

There's no denying that breaking a bone is painful. However, so are sprains and other injuries, especially if you have a low tolerance for pain. If your pain is so great you can’t move the injured area, seek help.

Numbness and tingling

On the opposite end, breaking a bone can also result in the area being numb and/or tingling. It'll feel fuzzy or like static, but the site is also numb, so you don't feel that intense pain. 

What you need to know about X-rays

X-rays are an easy and effective way to determine many different kinds of ailments, including whether or not your bone is broken. If you’re showing any of the signs, it's time to take the next step and get an X-ray done.

You will be asked to remove your clothing from the affected area or change into a gown, depending on where your injury is. It’s best to come in with no jewelry, but if you’re wearing jewelry or any metal or eyeglasses, you’ll be asked to remove it before the X-ray.

A technologist positions your body to get the proper view. X-ray machines produce a safe level of radiation (which you can't feel) that passes through your body, recording an image. When it's time to take your X-ray, you must remain still to get a clear picture. This can take a few minutes or a little longer, depending on the X-ray type.

If you suspect you've broken a bone and need to confirm, call our office or schedule an appointment online today, or just show up at our office for same-day, walk-in X-ray services.

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