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After an urgent care visit, the thought of traveling to a pharmacy for treatment can feel overwhelming. At Rapid City Healthcare in Irving, Texas, Russell Huq, MD, and the board-certified physicians offer a convenient onsite pharmacy for their patients. Patients can pick up their medications immediately after their visit. Call Rapid City Healthcare today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about the benefits of onsite pharmacies.

Pharmacy Q&A

What is a pharmacy?

A pharmacy provides prescription and over-the-counter medications. When your doctor prescribes a new medicine or orders a refill, you have to pick it up at a pharmacy. 

Many doctors’ offices don’t have onsite pharmacies, so you must travel to another location to pick up your prescription. Picking up a prescription can be time-consuming, especially if your pharmacy isn’t nearby. These obstacles can be particularly challenging for busy individuals or those without reliable transportation. 

Fortunately, Rapid City Healthcare features an onsite pharmacy that enables you to see your doctor and pick up your prescription in the same visit.

What services does a pharmacy provide?

When you visit a pharmacy, you either bring a paper copy of the prescription or your provider calls it into the pharmacy directly. The pharmacist then fills the prescription and compares it to other medications you’re taking to make sure the combination won’t cause any negative side effects or allergies.

In addition, the pharmacy can:

  • Provide medication education and instructions
  • Refill existing prescriptions
  • Participate in drug utilization review (DUR) programs to minimize medication misuse
  • Administer immunizations (vaccinations)

The onsite pharmacy at Rapid City Healthcare can even fill medications from providers that don’t work at the facility, as long as the prescription is valid and verifiable.

Can I discuss my prescription with a pharmacist?

Pharmacists receive several years of training before entering the profession and are highly educated on medication use, side effects, and unwanted interactions. The physicians at Rapid City Healthcare encourage you to ask your pharmacist any questions or concerns you may have regarding your prescription.

You need to fully understand your dosage, timing, and symptoms or side effects of a negative reaction that you may experience.

What are the benefits of an onsite pharmacy?

Onsite pharmacies offer several benefits over offsite options, including:

  • Convenience
  • Less travel time
  • Accessibility 
  • Higher adherence to treatment protocol
  • Quicker start to treatment

Visiting an onsite pharmacy is also easier for the pharmacist and staff, as they can get in touch with your doctor quickly if they have any questions about your treatment.

To learn more about the pharmacy services Rapid City Healthcare offers, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.