Back Pain

Back Pain Specialist Questions and Answers

Back pain can be serious, so get medical help today. Get the right treatment you need and start living life again to its fullest. Rapid City Healthcare is home to a team of leading healthcare professionals who are here to help treat your back pain in Irving, TX. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

Back Pain Specialist Near Me in Irving, TX
Back Pain Specialist Near Me in Irving, TX

How do I know if my back pain is serious? 

Back pain can be an indication of one of several different illness or conditions, or a combination of more than one. While the pain can radiate from the back, the back pain could actually be a symptom that something isn’t right in another part of the body. Some additional symptoms that accompany back pain can be an indicator of a more serious issue that needs to be checked by a medical professional. These symptoms, which are often referred to as “red flag” symptoms, include fever, weight loss, recent trauma, previous cancer diagnosis and neurological symptoms. Neurological symptoms can include numbness, tingling and weakness in the leg, or incontinence, which is an involuntary loss of bladder or bowel functions. You will need to seek out medical attention if daily tasks are impossible due to the pain, you experienced significant trauma, what started out as mild pain has gotten worse, the pain doesn’t go away or gets better within a week or two, or you experience numbness in the rectum or groin.

Where should I go for back pain? 

Your primary care physician should be your first point of contact for any illness or injury, including back pain. They will be able to check you over and provide an initial diagnosis as well as treatment. When needed, they can provide you with a requisition for further testing to help determine the cause of your back pain. Testing can include x-rays of the affected area, blood tests, urine tests, a spinal MRI, CT scan, bone scan or electromyography and nerve conduction studies. If your primary care physician isn’t available, you don’t have one or the pain is severe and requires immediate medical attention, an urgent care would be your best bet for diagnosis and treatment. Rapid City Healthcare is the right choice if you are experiencing back pain. We specialize in urgent care, primary care, and we even have an on-site pharmacy. Not only do we have trained doctors on staff to examine you, but our clinic also offers x-ray services and an on-site laboratory for faster sample collection and processing of common lab tests. Our team will also be able to refer you to a specialist for further testing or treatment if needed.

What kind of doctor do you see for back pain? 

Depending on the cause of your back pain and the severity of the pain, your primary care physician or an urgent care doctor would be able to provide you with a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. In the case of more serious back pain that is caused by a disorder affecting the spinal nerves or the vertebrae, or if your back pain hasn’t improved with treatment after a few weeks, your doctor may choose to refer you to a specialized doctor. Doctors who have received additional training to help with your back pain include a pain specialist, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist or a rheumatologist. Each of these professionals is specialized in a different part of the body system. An orthopedic surgeon is focused on the musculoskeletal system and works with the bones, a neurologist specializes in the nerves and brain, and a rheumatologist focuses on arthritis. Your primary care physician or an urgent care doctor can perform an initial assessment, provide you with some treatment options and if needed, refer you to the specialist with the additional training in the area of medicine that is suspected to be causing your back pain.

Where can I get my back pain checked? 

You have come to the right place: Rapid City Healthcare is here to check your back pain and to help offer treatments. Our team of leading healthcare professionals are able to provide an initial assessment of your back pain and a treatment plan that works for your recovery. The emergency room can also treat back pain but should only be used in the case of severe, traumatic, and life-threatening back pain. This would typically be as a result of a fall from a significant height, a serious car accident or the rest of a life-threatening illness in the kidneys or liver that is presenting itself in the form of severe back pain. If you have back pain and need treatment, please contact our team today or visit us at 800 W Airport Fwy, Suite 100 Irving, TX 75062. We are open 6 days a week and we accept walk-ins. We serve patients from Irving TX, Euless TX, Grand Prairie TX, Bedford TX, Arlington TX, Dallas TX, Flower Mound TX, Carrollton TX, Coppell TX, Grapevine TX, Farmers Branch TX, and Fort Worth TX. Looking forward to serve you!