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Physical exams allow your doctor to track your health as you age to identify early signs of illness and disease. At Rapid City Healthcare in Irving, Texas, Russell Huq, MD, and the urgent care specialists perform thorough annual, school, and sports physicals. Rapid City Healthcare is your go-to clinic for any type of physical exam you may need. To learn more about physicals, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Physicals Q&A

What are physicals?

Physicals are complete assessments to evaluate your overall health. A physical exam serves as a benchmark that your doctor can refer back to as you age. That vital information allows your doctor to detect any changes to your health before they progress. Not only do regular physicals identify early signs of disease, but they can also pinpoint any health risk factors.

What happens during physicals?

While physical exams primarily focus on your physical health, your doctor at Rapid City Healthcare also evaluates your mental and emotional health. That helps your doctor gather a clear picture of your overall health.

A physical exam includes two main parts:

Medical history review

During the medical history review, your doctor asks detailed questions to identify potential disease risk factors. They may ask about your:

  • Family history
  • New or worsening symptoms
  • Past and current medications
  • Level of stress and anxiety
  • Lifestyle (tobacco use, alcohol consumption, etc.)
  • Diet
  • Exercise regimen
  • Sexual history
  • Past surgeries


The more information you provide, the easier it is for your doctor to track changes in your health.

Physical exam

Your doctor performs a head-to-toe health assessment once the medical history review is complete. First, your doctor checks inside your ears, nose, and throat before listening to your heart and lungs. They also palpate your abdomen to identify any swelling or incorrect organ placement. Finally, your doctor tests your reflexes.

If you’re due for immunizations, your doctor can administer any vaccines you need at your appointment. 

After your physical exam, your doctor may order additional testing, such as blood work, X-ray imaging, or urinalysis. Fortunately, Rapid City Healthcare has an onsite laboratory and pharmacy for your convenience.

How often do I need physicals?

The board-certified physicians at Rapid City Healthcare recommend visiting for a physical exam at least once a year to monitor your health effectively and prevent chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), and heart disease. 

The practice also offers school and sports physicals. Many schools ask for an up-to-date physical exam before the start of the school year, while many competitive sports teams require physicals to play.

To learn more about physicals, call Rapid City Healthcare or schedule an appointment online today.