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Don't Endure Painful Urinary Tract Infections: We Offer Immediate Diagnosis and Treatment

Don't Endure Painful Urinary Tract Infections: We Offer Immediate Diagnosis and Treatment

Although both men and women can get urinary tract infections (UTI), women experience them more often. As many as 1 in 5 women have had at least one UTI, making them so common that some people just sit back and wait for the infection to clear on its own without scheduling an appointment with the doctor.

Left untreated, urinary tract infections can lead to severe health issues. But you don’t have to endure painful UTIs, nor should you risk your health waiting for an appointment or hoping your body can fight the infection on its own.

At Rapid City Healthcare in Irving, Texas, our urgent care specialists can diagnose and treat UTIs immediately to eliminate discomfort and prevent UTI-related complications.

Understanding urinary tract infections

UTIs occur when bacteria makes its way into your urinary tract. Bacteria can enter during sex or from the anal canal finding its way into the urethra. The distance between a female’s anus and urethra is short, which is why it is more common for women to get UTIs than men.

Your kidneys filter impurities out of your blood and convert them into urine. The urinary tract starts in the kidneys, where the urine is transported to your bladder and stored until you use the bathroom and release it through your urethra.

UTIs can occur anywhere along the urinary tract, but the urethra is the most common place for an infection. If you get a UTI in the lower part of your urinary tract, it could travel up and cause bladder or kidney infections.

Common UTI symptoms

If you get a urinary tract infection you will have unmistakable symptoms, including:

You may also experience more severe signs of infection, including discomfort or pain during sex, fever, chills, lower back pain, or vomiting. If you experience these symptoms, you should seek immediate attention from Rapid City Healthcare’s urgent care center.

UTI complications

While some mild urinary tract infections clear up on their own, it’s dangerous to ignore a UTI because they could lead to severe complications like kidney damage, recurrent UTIs, or sepsis (a potentially life-threatening situation).

Pregnant women with UTIs are at risk of delivering low-birth-weight babies or delivering prematurely. Men with UTIs are at risk for a narrowing of their urethra.

We diagnose UTI with a simple urine test and quick results, so we can begin your treatment immediately. Most UTIs are treated with antibiotics, but severe infections may require an intravenous treatment.

There is no need to deal with painful urinary tract infections and increase your risks for health complications. Call to schedule a visit, schedule an appointment online, or walk into our urgent care center at your earliest convenience.

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